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On the 27th March, 2023, Mill Hill School shared written notice to local residents that they would seek to close two historic, scenic, much loved and well used public footpaths. They propose to open two new paths, both of which are much shorter, less convenient, less scenic  and less direct than the current paths that have been open for centuries.


The first affected footpath links Hammers Lane with the top of Wills Grove, just before it joins the High Street/the Ridgeway. The second links lower Wills Grove to the Arrandene path ,exiting at Wise/Lane/Mill Hill Park. See historic versus proposed routes below and a combined view.
















Mill Hill School cite "safeguarding" as the key concern driving their plans.  Residents feel that this is disingenuous, given the paucity of recorded issues of student safety over the last 20 years.  In fact, Mill Hill School students walk Wills Grove (another right of way) on their way to the broader school grounds and up to and through the high street, to the international school at Milespit Hill.  These daily journeys have been without incident for decades.  They are more likely to engage unaccompanied with the broader public on these routes than the walkers on the footpaths.

The general feeling amongst Mill Hill residents, who are strongly opposed to the plan, is that Mill Hill School simply want a closed estate. They seem quite happy to take themselves somewhere better, whilst leaving the local residents and the general public worse off.

We note the additions of prefab classrooms in the former car park at Mill Hill School's Grimsdel site and in the garden of their medical centre.  It is not unreasonable to be concerned that an expansionist Mill Hill School would simply like to close the estate to further develop it.  This makes a lot more sense than their espoused "safeguarding " concerns.  As if the traffic disruption is not bad enough.


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