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Mill Hill School have not yet formally applied to the Council's planning department to close the paths.  When they do, we can each register an objection to barnet planning.  We can also lobby the individual members of the planning committee.  We will share their email addresses and key messages to subscribed members once the application has been lodged.  Please subscribe below and we will let you know when they make their official application.  We will engage and coordinate with subscribers to protest and object.

In the meantime, we strongly suggest writing an email to protest the proposed closure to the three local councillors for Mill Hill Ward - Val Duschinsky, Laithe Jajeh and Elliot Simberg.  Their email addresses and some key points to mention are outlined below (feel free to add your own).  


It takes time to construct an email and so these direct communications are given more consideration than postings on social media, group letters and pro forma objections.  We suggest one email, copying all three.

Key points for objection include:  


These are historic footpaths and cannot be shut.  They have exceptional amenity value and are highly convenient to locals.  If Mill Hill School has concerns regarding their site, they should take measures to secure their grounds without closing historic footpaths. This proposal is not a diversion of footpaths, it represents the closure of existing paths and replacing them with are new paths.  The proposed new routes are less scenic, less direct and less convenient and are a poor option compared to the existing paths.

We also suggest writing an email to Mill Hill School - see email below.  They have provided an email address, linked to their communication to residents, as part of their communication of their plans. We encourage you to email them to voice your objection, so they know that any application will be vigorously opposed. You may copy and paste the text below, or write your own note.  We understand that this email is managed by an external public relations firm.  

To Mill Hill School


Email address:

Subject:  Footpath closure plans

Text to copy and paste:

Dear Sir/Madam

I note with concern your recent communication regarding your proposed changes to our footpaths.


I am writing to communicate my strong objection to your plans and to let you know that I, and other residents, will be opposing these plans during the official planning application.

Your sincerely
















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