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Mill Hill School tap staff to support historic footpath closures

As many of you will know, Mill Hill School is proposing to close historic footpaths through it's grounds. You can find more details on this site's background page. They published their proposals to residents and offered a consultation email for questions or comments, to the local community. The proposed changes have been strongly rejected by the local community, including Mill Hill Residents Association and others. A campaign has been established to block their proposals.

In an embarrassing and cynical move, I understand that Mill Hill School, in response to local messages of disapproval, has sent an email to all staff at the school suggesting that they send a message of support to their own consultation email address and also that their partners may also wish to do the same. Mill Hill School included a pro forma email message that they suggested staff and their partners should use. They have also suggested that staff should use their own private email addresses as opposed to their school one. I wonder why?

Worried that their responses are negative from the local community, Mill Hill School are seeking to imply that their proposals are supported by bolstering their positive responses from staff. So, to be clear Mill Hill School is suggesting to staff that they should write a supportive email to an email account established for public consultation. That email address is monitored and managed by the school. That means that any lack of action by staff is visible to their employer. I personally can't see how that could be considered coercion at all. Especially as many of staff are not only employed by the school but also live in school owned housing. Not pressure at all, nope, let's move along.

Mill Hill School prides itself on instilling values. Great to see them modelling this behaviour for their students.

If you think this behaviour is as outrageous as I do, please subscribe to the site and follow the advice on the take action page.

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