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Rights of Way through Mill Hill School - Update - March 2024

Hello All

Thank you for your ongoing support and many messages of encouragement and updates over the last months, since our most recent update.

As we approach the one year anniversary of Mill Hill School's "consultation" on the paths diversion (closure in any practical interpretation), the school has still not made a formal application to the footpaths officer.  We will update you when they do.

Since the last update, I understand that the Mill Hill Preservation Society has finally made its position clear to the school and has written confirming its objection to the footpath changes.  Good news and I appreciate the efforts of their members in coming to that view.

At this stage, I would hope that it has become clear to Mill Hill School that there is no support for its plans within the local or wider communities.  The Mill Hill Residents Association, Mill Hill Preservation Society, The inside Mill Hill & Edgware social media platform, the High Street and other residents associations have all given a clear message to the school, to leave our historic pathways alone.

I understand that Mill Hill School recently had their regulatory body's annual inspection. They may be waiting for the report to use as justification to make their application under safety grounds, likely based on the reports continued findings.  I believe that all the activity around security in the last year - Iron gates, entry systems etc, were driven by feedback in that report last year that the site was exposed. I have no issue with the gates and entry systems, but refute that there is any issue historically, or practically,  that would justify any changes to the status of the paths.

I will keep you updated on any changes.  In the meantime, Thank you to everyone for the ongoing support.  It's much appreciated.

Best regards.

Save Our Footpaths team

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